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Do you know who you’re voting for?

[3-April-19 16:24:38]
Motorcyclists votes matter!  The 42nd British Columbia general election will be held on or before October 16, 2021, to elect members of the Legislative Assembly in...

27th Annual MLA Ride – April 29,2019

[3-April-19 16:11:51]
Join us in promoting May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Come out and speak with those in government who have the power to help making motorcycling...


ICBC proposed changes to Collector Plate Program:

[29-August-18 22:02:39]
Government and ICBC have announced proposed changes to improve the fairness of how Basic insurance premiums are determined by ensuring drivers are held more accountable...

Motorcycle Accident, photos, thoughts?

[27-June-18 18:39:50]
A barrage of motorcycle crashes across the province this past week ignited debate among riders about posting photos of accident scenes on social media. Reports...

Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise

[27-June-18 18:34:08]
Its not just you, everyone in the community is noticing the large number of fatal motorcycle accidents that have occurred this riding season already. The...

Motorcycle Driving Safety Tips

[17-May-18 18:52:00]
Please from all of us here at BCCOM, be safe out there and make sure to use caution while driving. Some tips for all the...